How to Install Doocti with Zoho CRM?

In order to integrate your Zoho account with Doocti, please follow below steps

  • Establish Doocti chrome extension through chrome web store / Zoho Marketplace.
  • Refer below links to download from Chrome web store and Zoho market place
    Chrome Web Store : Chrome Plugin
    Zoho market place : Marketplace
  • Now Generate Zoho client for every agent.
  • (Refer link for Zoho Client Id Generation: Zoho Account to create the client)
  • After creating the client, Click Doocti settings page and copy the required values from the Zoho client ID page and paste it in the respective fields.
  • Enter PBX IP , Mobile Number and save it.
  • Now Login with Doocti Credentials and Get Ready to Go(Dialer functionality begins and calls get started landing to the agent screen).